Who We Are

We are community of people who gather together "seeking still waters is the chaos of everyday life." Through the practice of  yoga we come into a space where we can begin to connect mind, body, and soul, while growing in relationship with the Spirit and with others.


Lisa Nelson, Organizing Pastor, M-HYI, RYT

I became a certified yoga instructor in the hopes of sharing with others healing through the beauty of stillness, movement, and prayer. Living through some traumatic events in my life, I found myself back on my yoga mat because it was the only space I believed I could control. In the broken and painful places of my life, Christ met me on my yoga mat, and began to show me that out of the ashes of my pain beauty could still arise. As the organizing pastor for Still Waters Yoga my prayer is that together we can explore the journey toward wholeness in a broken world.

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Leadership Photo.JPG

Leadership Team

Left to Right: Kira Hanson, Liam Hanson, Cody Hanson, Robin Koken, Chris Nelson, Lisa Nelson, Melissa Bannerot, Greg Bannerot, Julia Bannerot. Not Pictured: Ruth McIntyre, Keaveny May.

Community Partner

Still Waters Yoga is a partner of Third Space Coffee.