Praying in the Body

What does it mean to worship with our entire being? As a kid I grew up with this notion that worship was sitting and listening to my pastor on Sunday morning, singing hymns, and praying. Praying was always silent, except for the one person speaking the prayer, and we always closed our eyes and bowed our heads. 

As I have grown in my faith I have come to understand that prayer is an ongoing conversation, not limited to words. There are many ways we express ourselves, and there are many languages which we use to express ourselves. But not all expressions are spoken. In high school, I took American Sign Language. It’s a beautiful, expressive, and silent language that moves in the body. 

Prayer extends beyond words. It’s an ongoing expression of movement in our bodies. To pray with our mind, body, and soul is to pray with all of who we are, physically, emotionally, bringing all our life experiences to the table. It’s to pray in creative and imaginative ways, expressing and exercising all of who we are are.

When we pray with our bodies, we move in ways that feel right. We move in ways that our bodies tell us feels good. At time we sit, kneel, or lay down. At times we dance, sing, and create. At times we find ourselves in stillness and listening. Our bodies and postures of prayer express uniquely who we are.

Take a moment to breath in deeply, and then release your breath slowly. As you exhale allow your tensions to melt away. Find yourself in the presence of the Spirit, mind, body, and soul. Breathe. Relax. Picture your body, moving as a prayer. Picture the unique ways you express who you are and what you desire. Breathe. Feel your body moving with the Spirit. Breathing one holy and beautiful breath.