Rhythms Beyond Trauma

This week has been difficult for me. Not only have I felt out of rhythm, but this weather has reminded me what it feels like to be knocked out of rhythm. Today marks nine years since surviving a terrible car accident with my family. This week while I was at a yoga class, I began the sequence in savanna, on my back. Above me was a skylight in the ceiling and I could see a tree blowing in the cold wind, the sky was a disturbing grey. This image took me back to the day I was rescued from my car. I remember laying on my back on a stretcher looking at the grey sky wondering if I was in heaven or hell. I have never had a trigger like that before, but I often don’t lay on my back looking at the sky on a grey day.

Trauma is something that many people have experienced, and at times don’t recognize some events as traumatic. When trauma occurs, it often leaves a person feeling out of rhythm, because everything that once made sense no longer makes sense. Traumatic events rob us from feeling safe in the body, trusting our voices, and feeling a sense of security in the rhythms we once new to be safe. 

Creating rhythms will not erase the trauma that a person has experience, but it can help bring healing as a person begins to explore connecting once again to their body and to others. Trauma lives in the body, and it becomes a part of each of our stories. We cannot change the events of the past, and sometimes our bodies get awakened by triggers that we didn’t know existed. But we don’t have to live in fear of what was taken from us in the trauma. 

God created us to be whole, not to be broken. Yet, many of us find ourselves broken and seeking wholeness. Our breath is one gift that helps us in our journey of wholeness. The Spirit breaths life into us, and when we connect to our breath we cannot help but to be in the present moment, and in that moment we are also connecting to the Spirit who desires healing and wholeness for each of us. 

Take a moment today to focus on the gift of your breath. Notice what it feels like as it flows through your body. Notice what it feels like to be connected in that moment to your body and to the Spirit. Today may we each give thanks for the beauty of our breath, may we find joy as we explore the natural rhythms in our body, and may we feel a sense of security knowing we have the ability to heal beyond the trauma. It may be a part of our stories, but our stories didn’t end there.