Living In Rhythm

I have heard countless times that when we have a regular sleep rhythm, our bodies tend to do better overall. We are more productive because we fall asleep easier, and we wake up feeling refreshed. Although I have heard this, and at seasons in my life practiced regular rhythms of sleep, living in rhythm can be difficult to enter into and be consistent. There is a constant battle for our time and attention, that can make living in rhythm a challenge. 

Because of this, I like to think about living in rhythms with the season. Our patterns will change as seasons of our lives change. So we ask ourself the question, “what season am I living in?” As we become aware of the season we are in, we are more likely to be aware of our bodies needs, and the rhythms we need to create.

The quarterly rhythms of nature are a good reminder for us to address the question of what season we are living in. Take a moment to think about your current rhythms of life. Do you feel like you are living in rhythm? If not, what would you like to change? Then, think small. We don’t need to make changes so large that we cannot achieve them. Think of one small change you can make in your daily rhythms and begin to live into that. The small changes that become habit are the ways that we begin to move toward the “unforced rhythms” that Eugene Peterson reminds us of in Matthew 11:28-30 Msg. 

The only way to enter into the unforced rhythms in our lives is to practice the small changes until they become the rhythm we live into. Still recognizing that as the seasons change our rhythms change, and we give ourselves the grace to change with them.