Rhythms that Anchor

This week I heard a song by Avril Lavigne called, Head Above Water. I was so captivated by the lyrics of this song because they spoke so close to my heart and my own story. This song came to her while fighting for her life after a diagnosis of lyme disease. While I have not struggled with health issues like lyme disease, cancer, or any other life threatening condition, I have struggled with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. The imagery used in this song really captures the feeling of being tossed around in a sea of turbulent changes. 

We have all experienced some significant struggles in our lives. We cannot live in a bubble to avoid gettin hurt, but we can discover rhythms that anchor us so when life becomes overwhelming, we won’t feel like we are drowning. 

When my anxiety is high, I try to anchor myself in my breath. I connect to the rhythms of my breath, and I observe the way my breathing changes as I become less anxious. It’s a simple practice of taking a few deep breaths and I have come into a decent rhythm of knowing when to anchor myself, but like all things, at times I need to be reminded to breath. My son, who is six, often reminds me to breath when he sees my anxiety rise.

At times we all need reminders to find our rhythms that anchor us. When you feel overwhelmed what anchors you? What rhythms have you created or explored to help you find this anchor?