Practicing Gratitude

“It is vital that people ‘count their blessings’ to appreciate what they possess without having to undergo its actual loss.” - Abraham Maslow

Living a grateful life is not dependent on our material wealth, but rather having an internal attitude of gratitude regardless of our life circumstances. Living a life of gratitude begins with an awareness of the small things in life which we are grateful for. There are many ways we can begin to cultivate this practice, and I invite you to explore what might work in your life. 

One practice is to reflect at the end of the day on one thing you are grateful for. This practice helps us to grow in our acknowledgement of God, our family, friends, love, challenges, and lessons. If you enjoy journaling try spending a little time reflecting on your day in your journal. Often journaling is an activity that slows us down, and helps our minds to filter out the good and bad parts of our day. Perhaps you are a morning person and would like to spend some time in the morning reflecting on gratitude. Whatever the practice is that speaks to you I encourage you to explore and find a practice of gratitude that fills your life with joy.

In my own practice, I have started to verbalize out loud when I see beauty around me. Everyday when I drive home, I drive toward the mountains, and I express my gratitude aloud. I am grateful to live in such a beautiful place, and have the opportunity to see the mountains everyday.

Today, what is one thing you find gratitude in? Is there someone, or something that you recognize today that has made a difference in how you view your day? Take a moment to sit, clear your mind by acknowledging your thoughts and then give yourself permission to set them aside while you take a moment for reflection. Breathe deeply. Begin to center your thoughts on your day, and explore what you are grateful for.