Choice in Gratitude

This morning, I am reminded that each of us has been gifted with the ability to make choices. We can choose each day how we want to feel, what we want to eat, how we want to move, and how we treat others. We can choose words of kindness that build up or we can choose to speak words that tear down. We can choose gratitude over want, and recognize that as we learn to see gratitude in all things it opens the door for more peace and joy in our lives. 

There are times, when choice is taken from us. When we experience some type of trauma in our lives, it’s often not something we choose. So it can leave us feeling stripped of being able to make decisions, and feeling as though we cannot trust our own decisions. But we were created with the ability to choose, and so every day we can exercise that ability. 

Take a moment to focus on your breath. Ask yourself what choices are available to you? Can you choose to find gratitude in this day? Observe what sensations and emotions come up in your body. Breathe deeply. 

O Creator, and breath of life. Flow through us that we may feel your breath as we breathe. Help us to be mindful of the blessings before us. To find joy in the smallest of things, recognizing that it is through the small things that a deeper joy may be found. Ground us in gratitude so that we may not only look inward, but we can begin to look up and out. Creator, breath of of life, remind us that today we have the choice to be grateful. Amen.