Connecting to the Spirit

This month we have spent time meditating on connection. Connecting to our breath, our stories, and to the people around us. This week we will meditate on connecting to the Spirit. 

We have all been created uniquely. We have different features, characteristics, gifts, and different ways of communicating. The one thing we all share is breath. We were not created to be the same, but we were created to compliment one another so that we can live together in community. 

Because we have different ways of communicating, it also means we have different ways of hearing. The beauty of the Spirit is that communication is not simply one way, one style. The Spirit finds ways to communicate with each of us in ways we can hear. Some people may hear an audible voice, or have a picture or vision come to mind. Others might have a word or phrase that come to them, and some people may hear the Spirit loudest in their dreams. The Spirit looks for ways to communicate with us in the ways we can hear. 

Discovering how the Spirit communicates with you might take some time. A good place to begin to explore that communication is through your breath. Finding moments of stillness to breath. It can start with finding a couple minutes and gradually increase in time.

I invite you to explore the different ways you can communicate with the Spirit. When I was learning to speak Spanish, I remember feeling insecure about my language skills. When I was studying overseas, the children didn't care how great my speaking abilities were. They were most excited that I was trying, and in return they would help me, and together we explored ways to communicate. 

Communicating with the Spirit is very similar. There is no wrong way. Do not feel ashamed or guilty that you don't have words to speak. Communicating starts by listening, and exploring. Eventually the words will come.