Discovering Rest

“People in a hurry never have time for recovery. Their minds have little time to meditate and pray so that problems can be put in perspective. In short, people in our age are showing signs of physiological disintegration because we are living at a pace that is too fast for our bodies.”

Archibald Hart

What is the most radical thing you can think of doing? It’s probably not rest, although, rest is truly the most radical thing we could do for ourselves. We live in a time where we are so busy that rest gets pushed to the bottom of our to do list. We are over scheduled, and overworked, and as a result we have lost joy in the things we use to love because we are drowning in a to do list that take our time and energy. 

We were created to work and to rest, and to do things in balance. We were not created to live a fast paced life, constantly on the go, and always multi-tasking. The definition of rest according to Adele Ahlberg Calhoun is:

"Entering into rest depends on honoring our God-given limits. By paying attention to the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the body, we learn when and how to rest."

Listening to the needs of our body is so crucial for our overall health. In order to listen to our bodies, first we need to slow down. We cannot pay attention to the needs of our body if we continue to move at a fast pace.

Stop what you are doing for a moment, and breathe intentionally. Focus on you breath. Inhale 4-5 seconds, exhale 5-7 seconds. Continue this pattern for one minute. What do you notice in your body? What changed as you stopped to breathe? 

Rest requires us to be focused and disciplined. When we focus on listening to our bodies needs we can then learn to be disciplined in order to address the needs. This week try to focus on what keeps you working past your limits? Then explore when and where do you feel most rested? 

God models rest for us, and created a day specifically so we could rest. This week try to discover what helps you rest, and when you have discovered it, rest in it.