Balancing Rest and Work

"Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest."  ~ Mark 6:31

Jesus spoke these words to the apostles because he was aware of the importance of rest. The apostles had gathered around Jesus to tell them of all the work they had done. Jesus recognizing the importance of rest, invited the apostles to go with him so they could rest. However they did not get to rest because when the crowds recognized Jesus, they ran ahead to the town and surrounded Jesus and the apostles preventing them from rest. Jesus, having compassion on the crowd, addressed their needs before his own physical need for rest. 

There are many times in our lives where we have had to set aside our own needs for the needs of others. There are also times when we push ourselves past the point of exhaustion because of a project or deadline. Often we sacrifice our own self care for others and as a result we become frustrated, tired, and cranky, and everyone around us suffers from our exhaustion. 

What is it that causes you to work beyond your limits? Why is it that self care gets moved to the bottom of our list, when self care is the fuel that feeds us? We all have our limits and we must learn how to function within our limits so we don't burn out.