Summer Rhythms

I love long weekends because having an "extra" day to rest with my family often feels relaxing. I love waking up without an alarm, taking time to drink my coffee (in my pajamas), and then deciding what we will do for the day. Today is also different because not only is it a long weekend, it's the start of Summer break. We are entering a new season, and will have to find our new Summer rhythm.

With Summer comes a new pace of life. I remember as a kid feeling like summer lasted forever because I had no responsibilities, the sun was out longer, and I didn't have homework. Most of us no longer experience Summer the same way we did as children, but Summer stirs up those feelings of being carefree and relaxing.

This month we have practiced the spiritual discipline of rest. We have intentionally drawn an awareness to the places in our lives where we need to slow down, stop, and rest. As we enter into the Summer rhythms, what are the ways we can continue the discipline of rest? It's easy to fill a blank calendar with lots of activities, and I encourage you to think about the ways you can continue to prioritize rest. Set aside time on your calendar where you can be still, and rest in the presence of the Spirit. 

Start small, start with what is attainable. It's great to have big dreams and plans for rest, but we also want to begin to rest in ways that set us up for success. You could try drinking your morning coffee in silence, eating your meals without multi-tasking, or take 3 minutes to sit outside in the morning air before you begin your day. These are just a few suggestions you might consider practicing. 

This week, take a look at your daily patterns. Where are the places you can begin to include rhythms of rest?