Be Still

Do any of us really know what it means to be still? To be silent? Have we truly experienced this type of silence and stillness in our lives? 

Psalm 46:10 from The Voice version of the Bible says, "Be still, be calm, see, and understand I am the True God." 

We live in a time where things are constantly in motion. The world around us is always awake and moving. When we lived in California my apartment was right next to the 210 freeway, our neighbors told us to think of it as a river, constantly moving. Even at 3 am it was moving. I got use to the noise, but it was never peaceful, it was just noise constantly in the background. 

To be still and to enter into silence is a gift. Silence is not something we need to create, it’s something that is already in us. We just have to tap into it. We can learn to quiet our minds, enter into silence, and be still before the the Spirit.

John Main was a Benedictine born in the early 1900's, who wrote about silence and solitude. He said, "We don’t have to pray with words. When we leave behind words, imaginations, fantasies, we learn to enter into the presence of the Spirit who dwells in our hearts. Who dwells there in love. Who dwells there in silence, and in humility and faith we enter into that silent presence." 

Chaos will arise because the world is constantly in motion. We will stand in storms, but our place is not to calm the storm. Our place is to be still, to be calm, and to look to the One who created everything, because He is the One who has the power to calm the storms. 

We don't have to be swept away by the chaos, we can stand firmly in stillness and create space for God to move. 

How are you creating space in your life for silence and stillness?