Compassion for Others

This month we are entering into a new spiritual discipline. We are bringing our focus to Compassion. Compassion is allowing ourselves to feel the suffering of another person, and then be moved to relieve that suffering. As we practice Compassion, we  also practice seeing the world through God’s eyes. 

It can be easy to miss moments of compassion when we become consumed with our own lives, or we are moving to fast to be present with other people. It can also be easy to miss these moments when we allow anger or frustration to take over. I know I’m guilty of this. 

One way we can practice compassion is by seeking to heal emotional wounds rather than react them. We can also show mercy over judgement. These are difficult things to practice, because it forces us to slow down, and interact with other people. 

Rest is another way we practice compassion. When we care for ourselves, when we slow down, and allow our bodies to rest we have more capacity to be present with others and to deeply feel for the people around us. 

Take a moment to stop what you’re doing. Place one hand over your heart and the other over your belly. Check in with yourself and observe where your heart is. Inhale deeply for 5 seconds, then exhale for 7 seconds. Continue this breathing pattern. As you breath, ask the Lord to show you moments of compassion, and show you the world through his eyes. 

Jesus looks at the people with compassion and mercy, and he tells us, “I have compassion for these people.” Mt. 15:32

Lord, open our eyes and our hearts that we may see the world as you see it. Help us to look at your people with eyes of compassion. Slow us down so we can be in the present moment. Slow us down so that don’t miss opportunities to serve others with compassion. Amen.