Kept the Faith

Recently I finished a masters training program for yoga instructors. When I finished my masters project and turned in my last assignment I was overjoyed at my accomplishment. I spent 300 hours of my life this year has been dedicated to completing this certification. The words of the apostle Paul came to me when I finished, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 2 Tim. 4:7

Faithfulness comes from what we believe. When we are faithful to our beliefs, we press on despite any difficulties that may arise. When we are faithful to our friends and family, we are always there for them despite our differences. When we are uncertain what we believe it can be easier to give up or give in because we don’t have the same motivational driving force. 

Working toward my masters certification was something I strongly believed in. I believed it would help me as an instructor, and I believed it would be beneficial to our worshiping community and our relationship to yoga. If I didn’t believe these things, I may not have finished the program. I may not have even begun. However my beliefs were a driving force for me. I worked hard, I kept the faith, and trusted that what I was doing was where the Spirit had guided me to be. 

Faithfulness can be seen in many forms. Where does your faithfulness lie? Can you think of a situation where you have seen your faithfulness in action?