What is self-control? Self-Control implies that there is a battle within oneself. There is a division or a struggle between what one believes is right and wrong, or good and bad. Self-control requires patience, another fruit of the Spirit. The type of self-control Paul is talking about is a characteristic that is empowered by the Spirit of God. Self-control can be mistaken as something that only we are in control of, but it’s not self mastery, it’s mastery in working with the Spirit.

We encounter many temptations in life. As a kid when I hadn’t studied for an exam, the temptation to cheat was always strong, because my fear of failure was even stronger. I’m glad to say most of the time I didn’t give into that temptation, but there were a few times that I did and then would beat myself up over doing something I knew was wrong. 

I have also fallen into the temptation of letting my temper get the better of me. Often when I fall prey to my temper I end up regretting the things I have said, and I hurt both myself and the other person involved. 

Exercising self-control is something we face daily. Even now as I’m typing this, I’m fighting my desire to binge watch Netflix because I don’t want to work. There are times were we will find temptation stronger in certain situations in our lives, and times where we think we are free of temptation. No matter what the time is that you find yourself in right now, exercising self-control in one area of our lives will help us exercise self-control in other areas. 

How have you seen self-control exercised in your life? Where in your life do you see room to exercise greater self-control?

Close your eyes and begin to focus on an area you would like to practice greater self-control. Join me in this breath prayer, as we inhale pray, Lord give me strength, and as we exhale pray, that I may be in control.