Natural Rhythms

Take a moment to stop what you are doing. Take a deep breath. Notice the sensations in your body as your lungs inhale. Notice the sensations as you exhale. Our bodies were created to keep rhythm. Each breath we take has a natural rhythm to it. We may notice that there are many times where our breath is slow, more relaxed, and we often don’t pay attention to it. Our breath keeps a natural rhythm. At times it changes, but often our breath comes back to the natural rhythm within our bodies. 

All of creation has a rhythm. As the earth rotates, we experiences seasons in the weather, we may even feel those changes in our bodies. Each year has a particular rhythm when kids go back to school. In my home we begin to balance homework, family time, and bedtime routines. This season I have been particularly curious about rhythms and exploring what our family rhythm is, and playing with ideas and practices that create healthy rhythms in our lives. 

Think about your life. What rhythms you do naturally without having to think about it. How do you feel when you recognize those rhythms? Are there particular rhythms you would like to explore in your life? Today, may we be mindful of the rhythms in and around us. And as you notice these rhythms may you feel the Spirit moving in rhythm with you with each breath you breathe.