Honoring Our Bodies

Sometimes it’s difficult remember that our spiritual, emotional, and physical body is interconnected, and that honoring our bodies means to honor ourselves in whole not just in part. As we seek to honor our bodies we have to find the balance between our lack of care and over obsession. It’s finding the healthy rhythms in recognizing that what we do in one area of our lives will effect our entire being. 

Part of a spiritual practice is not just about being still, and sitting in silence.  Our spiritual practice is connecting mind, body, and soul. It’s embracing our bodies and moving in them. It’s listening to what our needs and emotions are, then asking ourselves what that is about. We allow space for our bodies to process and often they will tell us what we need.

We all have blindspots in our lives and we need people to remind us to care for ourselves. Even he prophet Elijah needed reminding to care for his physical well being, so God sent an angel to remind him to get up, and eat so he would be well for his journey (1 Kings 19:7)

Today how are you honoring your body? Have you taken a moment to ask yourself how you are feeling today or what you need? Sit back for a moment, breathe deeply, and notice what you are feeling in your body. Notice what areas of your being need addressed, and tend to yourself like you would care for someone else.